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Hess Family Tree

         Descendant Report for the Joseph Hess Sr. and his 
         Descendants  1800's to 1998 of Hessville Indiana

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1.Joseph Hess Sr. (Circa 1800 -) & Dancro (Circa 1800 -)
   2.Joseph Hess Jr.* (1825-1895) & Elizabeth Natke (1839-1917)   2nd wife
      3.George Hess  & Clara Tarnowski (1869-1902)
         4.Erwin  H. Hess Sr. (1891-1965) & Viola Ingle (1897-1982)
            5.Lorraine Hess (28 Apr 1919 - 10 May 1986) & Martin H. 
               Karr ( 1906 - 1990)
               6.Kathleen Sandra Karr (6 Jun 1952-)
               6.Dennis Lee Karr (July 11 1947- 03/16/2014)
            5.Erwin Hess Jr.  & Marge Nokes 
            5.Donald Hess SR  & Betty Brown (1929-28 Apr 1975)
               6.Donald Hess Jr. (1951-) & Lori Bokori(29 Dec 1953-)
                  7.Daniel  (  Dan  ) Hess (1973-)
                  7.Timothy  (  Tim  ) Hess (1974-)
               6.Candace Hess* (1948-) & 1st Husband  Henry Woronka 
                  7.Andrew Woronka (1972-) &  Armida Alfonso dv.
                 Candace Hess* (1948-) & 2nd Husband  Robert Halstedt 
                 Candace Hess* (1948-) & 3rd Husband  Ronald Wilber 
                  7.Angelia Wilber (3 Apr 1996 - )
         4.Lydia Hess **
         4.Alfred      ( Doc ) Hess  & Polly Bender 
         4.Robert    (  Bob  ) Hess 
         4.Clara Hess (1897 - 1930) & Henry Heck 
         4.Gertrude Hess  & Dewey Dishaw 
            5.Leanna Dishaw  & Julius Housty 
               6.Mark Housty  & Kathy Sulicz   Dv. 
                  7.Shane Housty
                  7. Alyssa Housty 
                6. Mark Housty & Rosemary Ardelean 
                6.Brian Housty  & Christine Everly 
                6.Kathleen Housty*  & George Penic 
                  7.Benjamin Penic 
                  7.Nora Penic 
                  7.Tracie Penic 
                  7.Tara Penic 
                  7.Anton  Jackson Jackson 
                 Kathleen Housty*  & Lawrence Jackson 
                  7.Anton Jackson 
      3.Gustav Hess (1869 - 1904) & Anna  Mae' Lavene 
         4.Edward   W. Hess  & Gladys Forline 
            5.Anna  Mae' Hess  & Bernard Bolls 
               6.Bernard Bolls    Jr.  & Carol Winters 
               6.Susan Bolls  & Samuel Tipton 
               6.Robert Bolls  & Pamela Erickson 
               6.Richard Bolls 
      3.Julius Hess  & Hilda Voss 
         4.Walter Hess  & Elizabeth 
            5.Bobette Hess 
         4.Arthur Hess  & Madge 
            5.Eileen Hess  & unknown first name Zneimer 
         4.Louis Hess* (1902 - 1988) & Adelaide Fox 
            5.Charles Hess 
            5.Harrie Hess 
            5.Peter Hess 
           Louis Hess* (1902 - 1988) & Frieda 
            5.Thomas Hess 
            5.Susie Hess 
         4.Laura Hess  & Wilbur Cantrell 
            5.Carol Cantrell 
            5.Jack Cantrell 
         4.Alma Hess  & Carl Meyer 
            5.Robert Meyer  & Lucy Sutton 
               6.Judith Meyer (1942 - ) & Eben Given 
                  7.Olan Given (1973 - )
               6.Michele Meyer (1947 - ) & Todd Stoutenborough 
                  7.Erin Stoutenborough 
            5.Marian Meyer  & Gerald Zahrte 
               6.David Zahrte  & Marie 
                  7.Michael Zahrte 
            5.Richard Meyer 
      3.Edward Hess (1860 - 1924) & Mary Skierka (1844 - 1927)
      3.William Hess  & Hanna Rehbein 
         4.Alys Hess (1891 - 1970) & Athol Marcus 
         4.Florence Hess  & Harold Buhring 
         4.LLoyd Hess*  & Marie Kennedy 
            5.Eleanor Hess  & Wesley Wagenblast 
               6.Gaye Wagenblast  & James Quick 
                  7.Jami Quick 
               6.Melinda Wagenblast  & Randy Gentry 
                  7.Eric Gentry 
                  7.Dana Gentry 
            LLoyd Hess*  & Margaret Stimson 
             5.Frank Stimson  & Geri      . Last name unknown 
             5.William Hess  & Glenna Shaver 
                6.Jason Hess 
          4.Frank Hess (1893 - 1964) & Etta Reed 
             5.Carolyn Hess  & Howard Blair 
                6.Robert Blair 
                6.Richard Blair 
           4.Caroline Hess  & George Kingston 
             5.Kathryn Kingston  & W.  Jay. Sawyer 
                6.Shelley Sawyer 
                6.Suzanne Sawyer 
      3.Joseph Hess    Jr (1873 - 1908)
      3.Albert Hess 
      3.Lydia Hess 
      3.John Hess  & Clara Lamb 
      3.Alice Hess  & Fred Scheuneman 
         4.Walter Scheuneman **
         4.Alma Scheuneman  & Louis Ewen **
            5.Alfred Ewen 
            5.Earl Ewen 
            5.Thelma Ewen 
            5.Milton Ewen 
      3.Emma Hess*  & Fred Scheuneman 
        Emma Hess*  & William Bunde 
         4.Mildred Bunde  & Allyn    E. Simms 
            5.Carolyn Simms  & William Darstek 
               6.Cathy Darstek 
               6.Cheryl Darstek 
               6.Carla Darstek 
         4.Walter Scheuneman **
         4.Alma Scheuneman  & Louis Ewen **
   2.Joseph Hess Jr.* (1825-1895) & Mary Ann Sackley (00  -  1860)
                                              Joseph's  first Wife
      3.Frank Hess* (1853 - 1909) & Emma Haselback 
        Frank Hess* (1853 - 1909) & Martha Karsten 
         4.Lydia Hess **
         4.Emma Hess  &  Henry O. Anderson 
            5.Adele Anderson 
            5.Ralph Anderson 

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The Trapier and English Family Web Site  by Kathleen S. Karr & Mary Baker 

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      Research by Kathleen S. Karr  E mail me at.    
              Added to web Sept 5, 1998   updated 8/20/2017.
Submitted By Kathleen Karr
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The Hess Family from Hessvilee Indiana 1800 to 21st Century

By Kathleen Sandra Karr.

Joseph Hess Sr. came to the United States at the age of 21. We believe the year was 1846. He was born in 1825 in Alsace Lorraine. A region in North East France, which was French Alsace and German Lorraine. This area was occupied by Germany in 1871, but returned to France by the Treaty of Versailles, and once again in 1944, after the Germans occupation ended. The town or village is not known as of yet. Joseph Hess was a Baker by trade. Some people even called him a french baker, but Lorraine, Hess, she believed he was German ? The area was at war so often during history it was French and then German to many times. He was one of three sons, and one daughter. In or about the year 1852 Jospeh Hess settled in the area, now known as Lake county Indiana. Either West Point, or Gibson Station. He conducted an eating house there for a short time, and moved to the place, which was named in his honor. Since he was the first white settler in the area, it was called Hessville, Indiana. Jospeh, became the Post Master, of the settlement of Hessville for almost 40 years. Jospeh Hess died in 1895, a devoted Catholic. He was buried in the old Hessville Cemetery, at the age of 70. Joseph Hess was married to his first wife, named Mary Ann Sackley. Mary Ann, was the daughter of William Sackley, a native of, Canada. She died in 1860. Jospeh Hess, and Mary had one son, which was called Frank Hess. Frank Hess, was born November 17, 1853. He was said, to be the first White, baby born in the area of Lake county Indiana. After the death of Jospeh first wife Mary Ann, he married a second time to a Elizabeth, Natke. Jospeh and Elizabeth, this union had eleven children. The names of children are, Edward, Alice, who was the wife of Fred Scheuneman. George, William, Juluis, Gustav, Albert, Jospeh Jr, and Emma. Emma, who was the 2nd wife of Fred Scheuneman , After Fred Scheuneman death, Emma Hess, remarried to a Mr. William Bunde'. Last but not least, John Hess and Lydia Hess. Frank, Hess, who was the first son of Jospeh Hess and Mary Ann, was elected , City Treasurer in the year 1892. But before that, he took a active part in public affairs of his township. And had served as assessor of North Township for thirteen years. He was City Councilman of Hammond for three years, and was City Clerk for four years. Frank Hess did married in the year 1879, to Miss Emma Haselback, who was the daughter of August, and Mary, Haselback. Frank and Emma had ten children , but all died very young and gone made it to adulthood. At that time in the late 1870 hundreds, children died from many causes. Mrs Emma Hess, died Feburary 12, 1894. But in 1895 Frank Hess remarried to a Miss Martha Karsten, who was the daughter of John and Mary Karsten. They had one daughter by this union, which they named Emma C. Hess. Plus they adopted an daughter, Lydia Hess. (Lydia Hess, was the daughter of George Hess, and Clara Tarnowski. George Hess was the half brother to Frank Hess.) Their Father was Joseph Hess, but different mothers. Frank adopted Lydia, after her mother Clara died. Clara Tarnowski was, Lorraine, Hess, Grandmother. George Hess, was the son of Jospeh Hess and Elizabeth Natke'. He was one of eleven, and one step brother. He married a Miss Clara Tarnowski. Clara, was born in 1869, and died, January 13, 1902. She was the daughter of Fred Tarnowski and her Mother Mary Skierka. Mary Skierka, Tarnowski also married into the Hess family, and became Clara's, sister in law as well as her Mother. Mary Skierka Tarnowski, second husband, was George Hess's brother, Edward Hess. After the death of Fred Tarnowski in 1888, leaving her with six, children. Both Fred and Mary where born, in Germany. Fred was born in the year of 1834, and Mary was born in the year 1844, Mary ,Tarnowski, Hess, died in 1927. George and Clara had seven children, named Erwin, Lydia. Albert, Bob, Clara, Gertrude. When George Hess wife Clara died, which is in 1902. George sent his children to live with relatives. My Grandfather, Erwin Hess was sent to live with Grandma Tarnowski, until he was old enough, to work and leave. Lydia was adopted by Frank Hess and his wife. Erwin Hess was once a water boy for the railroad, and played Baseball for a while with the Chicago White Sox. Erwin Hess, was born Feburary eight, 1891 and he died Sept 13, 1965 in Hammond Indiana. At the age of 74. He met , Viola Ingle while playing Baseball. And married her in 1915. They had three children, Lorraine, Erwin, Donald Hess. And four Grandchildren. Lorraine, Hess, My Mother, was Born April 28, 1919 in Hammond Indiana. She was working at Pullman Standard during World War two and met, and Married, Mr. Martin Karr. They have two children Dennis Lee Karr born July 11, 1947, and Kathleen Sandra Karr (myself the author) born in June 6, 1952. Lorraine Brothers, are Erwin Hess who was married only for a few years and divorced. and Donald Hess, who married Betty Brown, and had two children. Their children are Donald Jr. born, April 2, 1951 and Candace, (Candy), Hess born Nov 16, 1948. Donald Jr. Married a Miss Lori Bokori, they have two kids, named Daniel Hess, and Timothy Hess. Candace Hess married Henry Woranka, but they divorced in Flordia. They had one son, Andrew Woranka born June 25, 1972. Candace Adopted Angelia Wilber from China in 1996 with her third husband Ronald Wilber.